The goal is to build a strong community of individuals that will both lift each other up and hold each other accountable when it is needed. No one is above another, we are all from the same place just different roads of diverse yet similar stories.   Our team provides supportive services and redirection for clients to obtain the basic human rights that they  by birth-right are entitled to obtain and enjoy in their walk to becoming their own personal successful self.  Our team believes that no one should be silenced, isolated from any form of service because of the choices that lead them astray from their whole self, successful self.  They desire an Advocate to assist in being heard when they feel like their voice is being laid on deaf ears.  If they just need a person to listen and just be there when they are unsure or afraid of going forward on their journey with the adult or juvenile court. It could be they are wanting support in finding their way with changing old patterns that are no longer working for them  yet are at a loss of where to start. Equipt with the network of care and peer comradery that had been missing.