We Know too well


As we know the re-entry process to society from the justice system and the mental health systems is not a simple cut and dry cake and cookies type of thing. It can be a multi faceted process especially for the homeless. Who does not have the option to go to a home that is familiar and safe. No clothes, no funds, no ID, just a pass to catch the bus to get off the property and clothing on a person's back and a plastic bag that holds a manilla envelope with your court info.. No one to pick them up and welcome them home. Only the cold streets are just waiting to drain what warmth and strength you have left.Those who are released homeless  need a better way to succeed staying out of the way of trouble and getting a life back together. This is what our team hopes to change and assist in the positive changes that are so desperately needed.

On a Wing and a Prayer is a Peer Advocate Resource Specialist Team. 

Our Team is made up of Peer Support 

Specialists, Who have experienced what our

 Peer-Clients are going through. 

We can meet them at this point in their journey. When they are willing to learn and see the positives of changed actions and mindset.

 Our Team is as diverse in our knowledge of services as we are diverse in our walks of life. What brings us together is our passion to guide others who are experiencing the hurdles of obtaining services, or in need of building a support network for Themselves, Their Family, or a Friend.

 We believe that -Whoever you are- 

Wherever you are from - Wherever you are at                  

Your Dignity and Integrity Matters...