Assistance in obtaining and navigating a CalJobs account.

 If fallen astray from their legal obligations advocating for reentry into their Legal obligations and supporting them through the process 

If there is important mail to be received providing that option of receiving it at the center 

Showers and mini Storage if needed so Peer can make an interview or appointment with their head held high and confident in themselves which is a very large part of their obtaining their success and  maintaining success

Meetings with their peer comrades to voice what coping tools they have worked with that work and the ones that do not pass on their success and their failures. In having these meetings they share their stories so a peer who is silently facing that challenge can gain the navigation skills needed to successfully cope with or complete that point in their journey.

While  in the custody of Corrections  Connect Peers with the correct support services  or agencies who can further assist them with their journey of  Lawyers Probation or Parole, Health and Human Services, Emergency Crisis Intervention and Support, EDD Contacts for Work or Career Guidance, Substance Use Disorder Support Inpatient or Out-Patient placement group meetings, Mental Health Support in obtaining and building a team that they can trust and feels safe for the peer to work with, Support in gaining access to Shelters, safe housing, assist with getting listed on waitlists for housing and move-in assistance programs if available at the time of need. Assistance with obtaining medical insurance and establishing medical care. Assistance in obtaining and navigating a CalJobs account.